Monday, March 31, 2008

A Cursed Gift?

Is it a gift or a curse?

A friend gave the URL for News of the World regarding a Maths genius who used to make headlines before (note: some people may find the photos a bit offensive). Sufiah Yusof, who won a place at Oxford University at the age of 13, is now a £130-an-hour HOOKER.

At first I thought it was just one of the e-mail junks that people spread around. How could a brilliant girl, I mean really BRILLIANT girl ended up like that? But then since the news about her is all over the newspapers, I guess it must be true.

This is a reminder to us all. Don't push the children over their limit. They might rebel and do something beyond our imagination. Touch wood.

I still feel so sad for her. I imagine what it would be like to be in her shoes. She must have felt so suffocated that anything is better than being under the watchful eyes of her too domineering father.


- guile - said...

i guess the 'pegangan' needs to be kuat sikit la. needs to know where the limit is la kan?

(psstt.. that £130-an-hour is a lot tau!! )

McBudu said...

One can never imagine or dare to imagine that will happen to his/her daughter. Only God can safeguard our daughters from those black holes, lets start praying for that.

ruby ahmad said...

Hello Nana,

Its been awhile since I was last here.

Sofiah?? I do wonder if she is sad at the moment! It is all about what she has been thru, definitely. Now that is the reason why I said I am not sure whether she is sad. She might feel liberated to be able what she wanted to do.

She has been raised in a different setting. She was forced to grow up too soon in a liberal society at that.

I think there, such incidents are normal but for us here, what? Sofiah? We have our own Eastern perception of life. Eastern expectations.

To be honest, such happenings do exist in our own backyard, only they are not highlighted.

I dare not judge.