Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I did not cast my vote last Saturday as I was not sure who to vote for in PRU12. As much as I wanted to show my support to the government by choosing the BN's candidate, a major part of me decided not to. So, at the end, I felt contented by just accompanying my husband to cast his vote in Subang Jaya.

Along the way to the polling station, we talked about the candidate that he was going to choose. To be honest, we didn't know who the candidates were. All we know was, we wanted some changes.

Little that we know, that was the sentiments of so many other Malaysians too.

Around 2-3am, Sunday, my husband woke me up to tell me that Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil and Dato' Seri Samy Vellu lost their seats. I quickly switched on the TV inside the room and for the next 2 hours or so, my eyes were glued on the TV.

Sunday Star sums the results of PRU12 as Political Tsunami.

The results of the recent election shows that the Rakyat are not very happy with the government. The Rakyat have spoken... very clearly. It's a wake up call to the leaders. It's up to them now to remedy the situation.

When I went to the office on Monday, I was informed by our Corporate Communication dept that the company had to stop the full page Congratulations Message to BN which was supposed to be out in major newspapers. Hmmm.. there goes RM58K... what a waste.


McBudu said...

Yes Nana, Shock therapy is the best treatment for terminal illness, even to revive someone's heart beat. I really hope that they have learned and understood what the voters signaled!

So as the famous quote says... it's not that I dont love BN, but I love Malaysia more.....

rimau manja said...


we share same opinion. anyway, i almost didnt go to vote. it will be my fourth time to vote and for the first time, i didnt want to go. previous 3 elections, it was a sure thing for me whom i wish to be in govt but PRU12, i just dragged my feet to the election hall. i did go though, later in the afternoon.

even before i entered the hall to present my mykad, my heart was beating really fast. because even till then, after 1001 questions in my head...surfing net...reading about candidates....ACTUALLY DOING RESEARCH....i still dont know who to believe or who is telling the truth. so much integrity has been compromised from both parties. BOTH BA and BN has their pros and cons and as always we just want the familiar. unfortunately the familiar is also giving me doubts.

so as i took the casting vote slip...i was almost in tears. that was my true feeling. i felt great sadness because i sense great betrayal on my part was about to happen. it took me more than a couple of minutes, staring into the slips and ask myself,

who? which one? the one i see campaigning day and night near my house or the one i have never even seen at all but is the familiar one? the one that i have shook hands with during his/her campaign... or the familiar one? the one that is even around while i am about to cast my vote , waving her hands and smiling making her presence felt...or the familiar one?

it was a tough moment for me. my heart was beating wildly, my eyes brimming...but i remain compose. i casted my vote.

Akmal said...

Kak Nana,
Hrm...I didn't cast my vote too. Age barrier, heh. But we watched the tsunami stroke the corrupted. We'll see what's coming. It is quite disappointing to see the political melodrama in Perak though. But I have faith that everything will be settled today.
Have a nice day ya kak.

NJ said...

Hi Nana, salam perkenalan, blog-hopped from Ruby Ahmad's. Your entry reminded me of what I went thru last Mac 7/8, I almost wanted to skip voting too, coz I didn't know who to vote for until the very very last minute..haha

Have a nice weekend.

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Pak Idrus said...

nana, the power to choose the government is in your hand. The right to rule the country does not belong to a particular political party.

I believe the generation of my children had made the right choice in this election. We need change to bring back good governance. This is a wake up call to all politicians. It is the people that won the day.

Have a nice day.

J.T. said...

Hi Nana

That was a bit premature to spend RM58k for a nationwide congratulatory note instead of waiting for the results, isn't it?

I guess many people did not expect such overwhelming results in favour of the opposition although there was a lot of talk that the time has arrived for a change.

NaNa said...

Sorry for my silence. I was a bit tied up the past couple of weeks.

I hope the illness can still be cured.

Rimau Manja:
Yes, that was how we felt too. It felt like we have betrayed the government. But then if we look at other countries, it is normal for the government to be ruled by different parties.

Thank God things are getting better now. Perak, Perlis and even the issues in Treangganu pun dah OK.

NaNa said...

Thanks for dropping by.

Usually I would go back to Kuantan after my husband casted his vote. But this year, the urge is just not there. Felt a bit guilty though.

Pak Idrus:
I agree with you. the right to rule the country does not belong to a particular political party. The recent election was an eye-opener. The politicians should be more alert on the needs of the people. Nothing should be taken for granted.
Thanks for the visit, Pak Idrus.

The people have finally spoken, loud and clear.

~ NiZaM ~ said...


hoping that this BA new government at Perak, Penang, Kedah and Selangor do well and keep their promises.. owhh I hear than in PRU13, BA want take all countries in Malaysia except Johor to be as UMNO Museum.. Huhu.. Just see and Wait in the PRU13..

~Have a nice day..~