Monday, November 26, 2007

Facebook and Headhunter

I have finally succumbed to Facebook. Registered about a week ago and I'm addicted. At first I thought it is just another networking tool like friendster (ok but more for youngsters) but then once I'm in it I realize that it is not that bad. Found a few friends whom I have not been in contact with for quite a while.

Anyway, now that I have explored the many wonderful applications in Facebook, life is back to normal. .. :)

In my earlier posting, farewell friends, I mentioned briefly about what's happening at the company where I'm attached to. Well, things are still the same and more and more of the 'old' staff are feeling somewhat demotivated. Many do not dare to voice out their feelings for fear of being transferred or put in cold storage. It happened to me and a few others and I know it can happen to so many others who dare to 'go against the flow'. Well, in my case it was not really against the flow, but more of questioning why it flows this way instead of that way.

A few of my friends left and I know more will be leaving too, if the opportunity knocks on their door.

Anyway, something wonderful happened to me last Thursday. I received a call from a Headhunter asking for my resume. It seems that they are looking for somebody to handle a portfolio that I'm quite familiar with and somebody recommended me.

It took me quite a while to get my resume done (gosh! have not updated it for more than 5 years). Sent the resume and now waiting for the results. Regardless whether I get the job or not, but I still feel good because somewhere out there, people still value my capabilities. They still know what I can do and have the confidence that I can do it well. It may sound pathetic but the fact is, that phone call really makes me happy. It's not so much because of the prospect of having a chance to get a new job but it is more of the fact that I still have my worth. That phone call somehow reassured me that I still have my value.

To be honest, even though I am not happy working here at the moment, but if given a choice, I do not want to leave. As I mentioned before, I don't mind getting old with the company. I have been here since it was still an infant with less than 50 people... about 9 years ago, and I don't mind going for another 9 or more years.

Monday, November 5, 2007

My Sentimental Moment....

I was sipping my latte at Starbucks Coffee, Amcorp Mall yesterday when something interesting caught my attention. Not very far from where I sat, I saw a couple, whom I guess must be in their 60's, and the way they were holding hands and smiled to each other while browsing through the sunday flea market stalls really warmed my heart.

Very seldom I see elderly couples, especially malays, walk holding hands like that. There was tenderness in the way they regarded each other and I could almost feel it.

How I wish I have that kind of love when I am going through my golden years.

I found this poem, which was written by Ana Castillo and I think it's very beautiful:

I Ask the Impossible

I ask the impossible: love me forever
Love me when all desire is gone
Love me with the single mindedness of a monk
When the world in its entirety
and all that you hold sacred advise you against it
love me still more

When rage fills you and has no name: love me
When each step from your door to your job tires you: love me
and from job to home again, love me, love me

Love me when you're bored
when every woman you see is more beautiful than the last
or more pathetic, love me as you always have
not as admirer or judge
but with the compassion you save for yourself in your solitude
Love me as you relish your loneliness
the anticipation of your death
mysteries of the flesh
as it tears and mends

Love me as your most treasured childhood memory
and if there is none to recall
imagine one, place me there with you

Love me withered as you loved me new
Love me as if I were forever
and I, will make the impossible a simple act
by loving you, loving you as I do.